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Become a Digital

Wildchain enables you to become a ‘digital conservationist’ through a blockchain-based mobile game that allows you to adopt endangered species and support real-world wildlife and conservation initiatives.



Hatch Magic eggs that grow into incredible animal species!


Help your animal grow into an adult in your very own sanctuary! Design and customize your sanctuary to meet animal’s needs.


With the world and your friends – visit your friend’s sanctuaries and help their animals.

Technology for Impact.

Each animal token is a digital replica of an endangered animal in the real world. Wildchain utilizes real-world wildlife data from the IUCN redlist. We use blockchain technology to create provably scarce tokens, that are based on real populations of animal species.

Gamifying Giving.

Conservation Crowdfunding

We envision a world where wildlife conservation initiatives have faster access to funding from a global audience.

for Impact

We bridge the gap between games and charitable acts and make it fun to support them with our products.

Tools for

We strive to provide more transparency through blockchain technology to help ensure that contributions are used in a responsible way.

Impact beyond your
Wildest Dreams.

100% of profits go to conservation projects that work to protect,
preserve and restore our natural world.
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