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Adopt wildlife, plant trees, and support real-world conservation efforts – all within a mobile game.

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Our game,

brings you closer to cute and endangered animals than you ever could have imagined. Wildchain lets you digitally adopt and raise some of earth’s rarest species within a digital sanctuary they can call home.

Hatch adorable animals

Magic eggs will hatch into random baby animals with varying endangerment statuses.

Raise your animals from baby to adult

Every time your animal visits, they also gain experience points that allow them to grow.

Adopt animals with our community

You can adopt the animals you want from your friends or let them care for your animals instead.

Plant trees in your sanctuary

If you plant a tree in the game, we’ll plant a tree in the real world.

Earn rewards

To repay you for your loving care, your animals will bring you rewards such as seeds and mementos.

Expand your sanctuary

Your Sanctuary spans across the vast plains covering 5 different environments in which your animals can live and prosper.

Protect your animals

Fight off poachers and loggers

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By playing you can:

of our profit will go toward wildlife conservation initiatives.

Blend the real & virtual world.

Each animal is a unique, digital counterpart of an animal living in the wild. We use cutting-edge technologies to blend the real and virtual world.
  • Blockchain-based tokens
    to create provably scarce digital assets
  • Real-world Animal population data
    IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™
  • Real-world Environmental data
    Environmental Data from OECD & UN Environment

Our Mission.

We want to empower individuals and organizations to protect our endangered species and their habitats.

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