Our Mission.

We work to bring people together by creating shared value between entertainment and real-world conservation initiatives.

Conservation Crowdfunding

We envision a world where wildlife conservation initiatives have faster access to funding from a global audience.

Gamification of Giving

We bridge the gap between games and charitable acts and make it fun to support them with our products.

Tools for Transparency

We strive to provide more transparency through blockchain technology to help ensure that donations are used in a responsible way.

Our Team

Our Partners

Our Mentors

  • Mirko Zürker Head of Programme Development & Head of SEED Thailand
  • Tab Yuangtrakul
    Tab Yuangtrakul Branding - Creative Lead - UI/UX
  • Lisa Farrah Ho
    Lisa Farrah Ho Singapore-qualified lawyer

Our Ambassadors

  • Jirayu Arayaprayoon
    Jirayu Arayaprayoon

Become a guardian
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