Do Good – One Sip at a Time

To celebrate World Animal Day this year, Wildchain has partnered with Tim Hortons Thailand and Socialgiver to offer you the wildest coffee deal in Thailand this season. This deal will make you feel good and be good!

Coffee deal

Coffee lovers can purchase the Wild Coffee Pass on Socialgiver (iOS/ Google Play) before visiting the 7 participating Tim Hortons stores in Thailand to enjoy 20 cups of Canada’s favorite coffee*. Get the coffee deal once and forget about paying for your morning coffee for the whole month. It’s not only convenient but a part of your money will go towards supporting Wildchain. 

As we are entering the sixth mass extinction with over 30,000 species being threatened, it’s time we turn it around. To protect and bring back species and their habitats, conservation projects need funding. Unfortunately, projects are massively underfunded. Now the coffees you enjoy can help protect wildlife.

Follow this link for more details and to purchase the Wild Coffee Pass:

About Wildchain

Wildchain is a non-profit mobile game that turns you into a Digital Conservationist with a mission to preserve all wildlife on Earth. Adopt wildlife, plant trees, and become a hero not only in the game but in the real world too.

About Socialgiver

Since 2015, Socialgiver bridges the gap between businesses, people, and social projects by converting spare service capacity in the hospitality and travel sector (hotels, restaurants, activities, event) into social impact.

About Tim Hortons

Founded in Canada in 1964, Tim Hortons has since become synonymous with life in Canada. Today they are Canada’s favourite coffee. Tim Hortons is proud to be offering their products to everyone in Thailand. Have you tried their menu yet? 

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