Dev Diary 01: Eco-actions & Eco-score

Hi, I’m Basit, a backend developer at Wildchain.

So Wildchain is a conservation game that aims to preserve endangered wildlife. We’re making it easy for you as a user to play a role by making a fun interactive game with elements similar to the real world. It’s unique because it represents the real census of these animals so an animal hatched or adopted could mean one more real-world animal being saved. You can also mint NFTs of your animals and store them as a form of value.

The development has been a fun journey. We’ve been fusing blockchain development into the game and that has been a nice ride. It’s a pretty new space but we’ve been handling it as they come. I’m just excited for what the future holds for Wildchain and I hope, as a user, you have a fun time playing the game.


An interesting point during development for me was when I had to implement the code for performing eco-actions. I was torn between writing a cron job or figuring out a way to a sleep/timeout operation.

Thanks to some Google-fu and stack overflow, I discovered that it could be done using Promises in JavaScript. Once I got the idea, I began writing the code for it. This took me about a day to complete after rigorous testing and bug-fixing.

So that’s been one of the most challenging tasks I’ve had to face so far.

And here are some features that I’ve been having a lot of fun developing.


Sanctuary, eco-score, habitats, and eco-actions

When you first begin the game, you have the semi-desert habitat automatically unlocked. This also unlocks the ‘make it rain’ eco-action along with it too.

Eco-score represents how attractive, safe and healthy your sanctuary is to your animals.

Make it rain is the only available eco-action that can be performed on a semi-desert habitat. When you make it rain, the sanctuary’s eco-score is increased by 20% for one hour. Once the action is completed, the eco-score reduces to 0%.

Therefore, you have to consistently perform eco-actions to maintain a high eco-score and preserve your animals in their habitat.

Our team hopes you enjoy the Alpha version and find these features interesting! Don’t forget to leave us a comment on Discord!


Writer: Okenla Abdul-Basit
Editor: Kiki Pimsawat