Dev Diary 02: Habitats & Semi Dessert


Hi, I am Salma!! I am a Senior Game Developer at Wildchain.

Let’s first take a look at The Savanna Sanctuary. It is divided into 5 colorful habitats. You can check it by clicking on the habitats page. The semi-dessert is the one unlocked for now. For me, what makes the habitats so special is that each one contains a variety of enrichments and new things to discover.



Here’s a close-up of the semi-desert, with parallax scrolling the habitat is very fun to look at. There is also background music that puts you in a relaxing mood. It was a bit difficult at first when I started implementing it because there are 7 layers (sun, sky, cloud, mountain, large layer, medium layer, small layer), and each layer contains many items such as rocks, animals, and grasses, among others.

The two most complicated questions that came to mind when I took on the task were, first and foremost, how to add all of these items?! The second question is how to make the 7 layers move at different speeds to convey the sensation of this amazing parallax.



So I began with implementing the layers and their items one by one, layer by layer. Following that, I focused on the speed of each layer while keeping the video reference from the design team in front of me and eventually I figured out the equation for the layer speed.

It was difficult at first, but the result was satisfying, especially when the polish was applied; all of our efforts had paid off. I can’t wait to hear all of your opinions!


Writer: Salma

Editor: Kiki Pimsawat