Dev Diary 04: Game Enrichment & Animals

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Hey, I am Shubham Shrivastava, I am a lead game developer at Wildchain.

I am mostly responsible for game architecture, game data flow, and data structures. In this current version of the game, I’ve developed enrichment and animals game features.



While creating the latest version of Wildchain, I realized that it’s critical to decide which type of coding pattern to use, how the data flow should look, and what types of data you need and don’t need. It is significant because it has an impact on the device’s game performance and memory. How much data should one API hold and how frequently it should be called.


Game Features: Enrichment & Animals

Enrichment and animals are two of the upcoming features I’m working on. The fascinating aspect of them is how animals choose to perform their animation based on which enrichment they are in. Each enrichment will have a level, and as users level up, they will be able to have more animals in one enrichment. As a result, animals appear based on their eco-Score. The higher the eco-score, the more animals the user will see and the more diverse the user’s habitat will appear.



There are various types of enrichments, and each enrichment must be purchased in order for animals to appear on them. The most difficult aspect I encountered while putting this together was the animation of the animals. How animals decide which enrichment to appear, where to appear, and what action to perform. This became a stumbling block at one point, so we came up with the idea of naming each animation based on enrichment type, animal age, animal gender, and action to perform. It became much easier to separate them this way. And once they had established a proper format, it was simple to decide which to select.

I hope our users enjoy the Wildchain Invite-only Alpha version as much as I enjoy developing it!


Write: Shubham Shrivastava

Editor: Kiki Pimsawat

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