Good Deeds, Good Society, Exceptional Expo

The Good Society Expo is back for another year of spreading good deeds within the world. From October 10-13, Wildchain, Socialgiver, and Global Shapers Bangkok were part of the expo that encompassed many like-minded non-profit organizations and social enterprises that actively take a role in social and environmental issues in Thailand and the world. This Expo proved to be a great way for individuals and organizations to gain valuable relationships and support from a community that commits to making the world a better place as their mission.

The Good Society Expo hosted a collection of social enterprises and nonprofits that gave a platform to worthwhile causes and important social issues. They ranged from focusing on children and youth, anti-corruption, end of life quality, disabled, and the environment. Each of these organizations raised awareness for these issues in an innovative and community-based manner that was held in the Central World mall. One of the organizations in attendance was Limited Education Thailand which tries to improve the quality and access to education by teaching kids valuable life skills. They have helped more than 15,000 students in 82 schools in 30 different provinces. Others that joined the expo focused on causes that help those with disabilities find employment, using information technology to fight corruption by creating transparency, and raising funds as scholarships for underprivileged students seeking better education. 

In many facets of society, we see an overwhelming distribution of social inequality and environmental issues that seem almost too hard to solve. However, it is truly empowering to witness the good events like these can show! By communities coming together to attempt at attacking these issues, we can make a difference that is worth fighting for.

The array of different businesses that promote social good is seen throughout the whole expo. Every single one had the focal point of trying to tackle important issues and concerns in the world through their different initiatives and business ideas.

For instance, Wildchain sold mystery boxes that contained items donated from various businesses that would contribute to their goal in helping to counter the extinction and loss of all species, especially those that are currently endangered. With your help, Wildchain was able to raise ฿175,325.70. This campaign demonstrated that charities and nonprofits can be innovative and creative in the ways in which they raise funds for good.

We have the tools that no other era before us have had. We can engage with a wider audience and reach more people than we ever thought possible. Let us continue to create positive impacts on our everyday lives and do good!

If you missed the Good Society Expo you can still get a Mystery box on Socialgiver.

A special thank you to the different companies that contributed to Wildchain’s mystery bags!

By, Victoria Pedrosa