Last Of Ours Has Evolved Into Wildchain 🔗

We’ve adopted a new name and transformed into a non-profit organization — to help protect our world’s wild animals 🦁🐾.

We’ve decided to change our name from “Last of Ours” to “Wildchain”.

“Last of Ours” fails the bar exam. Not the examination for lawyers, instead, the bar exam that determines the strength of a company’s name– in an actual bar. A good name is one that is simple enough that it can be easily understood in a noisy bar and memorable enough so it can be searched online later. Unfortunately, we discovered that the name caused confusion. Rather than “Last of Ours”, people often thought the company was called “last of hours” or a different game, Sony’s The Last of Us.

We found that people didn’t like our old name because it sounded too negative. They said that it’s sad to be reminded of the “last” of species that are threatened with extinction 🥺. We sided with the people and agreed that it would be best for morale and our future to change our name.

We took on the mission to find a name that would best communicate our love for animals 💕and the fun game that we are developing.  A strong name lets people know what we have to offer and provides a space for us to grow into a larger platform for animal conservation. 🌏   

Our journey to the perfect name…

We brainstormed names and ran them through rigorous tests. The new name needed to meet our criteria:

  • It conveys size and scale
  • It communicates strength and reliability
  • It had domain names available
  • It is unique and memorable
  • It matches our values

After meeting our criteria, our values and being loved by everyone, we landed on our winner, Wildchain!

Wildchain is pretty straightforward. Our name symbolizes all the links and connections that help conservation initiatives🌱. We want to create connections between donors and charities through entertainment. We have a real use case for Blockchain technology as it’s our tool to create transparency and allows us to create unique digital assets that represent real endangered animals living in the wild. Wildchain connects people with animals and conservation initiatives.

We are proud to call our non-profit WildChain and are excited to share more updates with you soon.  👊😊

Herd of Eland photographed by Sutirta Budiman