Meet Ayush


POSITION: Backend Developer

HOMETOWN:  Mumbai, India

SCHOOL: University of Toronto

STUDYING: Computer Science

When did you first become interested in conservation?
As a person who loves to travel, I found it very saddening to witness animals being classified as endangered and ecosystems being polluted. When the Giant Panda was removed from the “endangered” list, it was such a relieving sight. That’s when I realized I should do my part so others can experience the numbers of their favorite animals rise rather than fall.
What are some of your favorite things about working at Wildchain?
Wildchain gave me an opportunity to work alongside amazing individuals and use my skills to help in creating a fun game that addresses such an important global issue. My favorite aspect of working at Wildchain has to be the sense of community where everyone is free to share their ideas. I believe open communication is vital for an organization’s growth.
Any special memories from your time at Wildchain?
My first Weekly Powwow was a very special moment. Unfortunately, the pandemic prevented any meetings but on the first call with everybody, I was welcomed by everyone and felt like I fit right in.

Favorite animal? Giant panda