Meet Lily

Lily collecting seeds
Lily Schreder 

Position: Conservation Associate 
Hometown: Redding, California 
School: Santa Clara University 
Studying: Environmental Studies 

When did you first become interested in conservation? 
I’ve always loved animals, I think because I grew up with dogs. Then, in high school I moved to Idaho and spent a lot of time in the mountains skiing and hiking. I began to really care about nature and the outdoors and decided to study environmental studies at my university. 

What games do you play?
I play a few mobile games. My favorite right now is called Bricks N Balls.

Why are you interested in working at Wildchain?
I like working at Wildchain because I really like working for a company that is doing good for the world. I like to think that I can help make positive changes for the environment and save animals. I also really like the people I work with. It’s a fun environment with a good mission.

Favorite launch animal?
African Wild Dog