Meet Pete

Pete planting trees in Chiang Dao

Jiraya Arayaprayoon

Position: Marketing
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
School: Chulalongkorn University
Studied: Liberal Arts and Japanese

When did you first become interested in conservation?
During my summer session at Stanford University. I was mainly interested in design thinking and innovation until I was exposed to the environmentally conscious mindset and attitude in California. I noticed an emphasis on limiting negative environmental impacts that really contrast my home country of Thailand. I’ve been inspired to continue work to better the environment.
Also, I’ve always liked animals… I used to read animal encyclopedias and watch animal planet as a kid.

What games do you play?
Most of the time I play mainstream games like Overwatch or Borderlands. I’ve taken a liking to indie games, like games that have an emphasis on art or storytelling rather than high def graphics.

What does innovation mean to you?
Going back to the foundation of many societies and systematic organization and finding a better way to execute their many functions. These different ways can include using less resources, leaving less impact, and overall making things more effective by utilizing our advancing technologies.

Favorite animal?