Meet Ploydao

Ploydao collecting seeds in Chiang Dao!
Ploydao Chillanond

Position: Conservation Associate
Hometown: Chiang Mai, Thailand
School: Thammasat University
Degree: Social Policy and Development

When did you first become interested in conservation?
I became interested in conservation at university. I learned that people are more interested in urbanization and development, but there should be more focus on conservation because it is very important.

What does innovation mean to you?
Innovation is really cool because it can make life better. New and creative ideas can enhance lives and make positive impacts in the world. I think it’s really important to use technology to create positive impacts.

Why are you interested in working at Wildchain?
I’m interested to work here to gain a new perspective. I’ve worked on other projects related to drugs, human trafficking, and other policy related things, but I have not explored work with environmental issues. I want to be exposed to new fields and gain experience to expand my knowledge. I’m also interested in Wildchain’s creative approach towards conservation.

Favorite animal?
Giraffe 🦒