Meet Victoria

Enjoying a gorgeous view.

Victoria Pedrosa

Position: Content and Research, Conservation Associate

Hometown: Whittier, California

School: University of California, Riverside

Studied: Environmental Science and Sociology

When did you first get interested in conservation?

Some of my favorite memories growing up were when my dad would take me camping. I couldn’t wait to explore in nature during the summer every year. Natural spaces make me the happiest and many others as well. That is why I want to protect and promote conservation initiatives and projects, to fight for what I love.

What did you choose to work at Wildchain?

I chose to work at Wildchain because their approach to protecting the environment and endangered species was one I hadn’t heard of before. I was really curious and interested in how they were using entertainment to help fund environmental initiatives.

Favorite memory while working at Wildchain?

My favorite memory would have to be working at the Good Society Expo and getting to meet many different social enterprises and organizations that wanted to do good in the world.