One of a Kind

The Northern White Rhino

Three years ago, we lost the last male northern white rhinoceros. His name was Sudan, a gentle and friendly rhino that weighed over 2 tonnes. He was an ancient creature whose species descended from a line that has survived and flourished on this planet for at least 50 million years.  Only a century ago, half a million rhinos roamed across Africa and Asia, but today many have died out and rhinoceroses have become some of the most endangered species in the world. Read Sudan’s story here

Exactly three years later, on March 19th, 2021, Wildchain began the design of this NFT which aims to capture this memory on the blockchain and crowdfund for our platform – a non-profit game that aims to bring people around the world together to help protect wildlife species that are also being pushed closer and closer to extinction. While it was maybe too late for The Northern White Rhinoceros, it might not be too late for thousands of other species – but this all depends on us.

Wildchain NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) were created to capture the beauty, importance, and pressing concern of protecting our natural world

This NFT is the first of 8 unique NFTs featuring species that are gone forever from our planet. They are a token to remind us of what we have lost and they form the ‘Lost Collection’.

The NFT is sold on the Unifty.io NFT market. 100% of proceeds will be used to fund the development of our non-profit game to enable anyone across the world to become a digital conservationist. You can learn more about Wildchain here or watch a short video introduction here.

If you’d like to help get our non-profit organization off the ground, please consider supporting us by purchasing our first-ever NFT here:

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