Our Five Fave Sustainable Lifestyle Youtube Channels You Have To Check Out!

“Sustainable living” is a lifestyle which aims to reduce individual use of the Earth’s resources by consciously living within our means. Sustainable living advocates reduced carbon footprint through a shift in the type and amount of transport used, energy consumption and diet. For any social media savvy people out there, you are probably aware of the popularity surrounding influencers who document their sustainable ways of life. We include our personal fave youtube channels which we believe would inspire even the most avid climate skeptic to change their lifestyle to a greener one!


Sustainably Vegan 

UK-based Immy Lucas is the creator of Sustainably Vegan where she really practices what she preaches! Her mission is to inspire us to live a low-impact lifestyle through zero-waste, plant-based dieting and ethical practices. Her channel allows us to find simple ways to alter our behavior over time to eventually engrain more sustainable habits. Immy’s videos are lively, easy to follow, and for sure, a great bite size kickstart to living more sustainably.

This channel is the best for beginners. Immy produces specific video guides for sustainability virgins with lots of tips and tricks about how to lower your ecological footprint through daily action. She keeps us updated with continuous video content as well as some inspiring blogs. Our specific piece of chosen content would be her ‘100 Sustainable Series’; here she talks about 100 things we must try to change our mindset and habits from the inside out. What’s even better is that she makes suggestions on how to reuse or repurpose everyday items around your house – how handy! This all might sound oh-so simple, but you can use her channel tips to build a cracking foundation to create sustainable sustainability habits. 


Blue Ollis

Attempting a zero waste lifestyle can be challenging as it might not match everyone’s resources, locality or living conditions. Blue Ollis uses her space to promote intentional living. We like the sound of that! She is keen on advocating sustainable living with simple methods which can suit anyone and everyone’s circumstances. 

When you start to feel that eating truly green is hopeless, you should crack open one of her recipes! Ollis’s totally plant-based videos accompanied by how-to’s are super quick ‘n’ easy . They require simple ingredients that you probably already have laying around the house and if I could follow them, so could you! My favorite recipe was the Easy Vegan English Pancake 2 Ways which took me only 15 minutes to cook and 1 minute to eat (it was that delicious!). 

Not only are her recipes mouthwatering, Blue Ollis has other fantastic sustainable life hacks from DIY Mouthwash to achieving zero waste grocery shopping. You definitely don’t want to miss out on her fab videos and blogs.. or the delectable pancakes!


My Green Closet

You might not realize but, the fashion industry generates greenhouse gases throughout its entire Life Cycle: sourcing, manufacturing, transporting and selling. It makes up 10% of our annual emissions, depletes water sources and pollutes our rivers and streams. 

Erin Poloway, the founder of My Green Closet, previously worked in the fashion industry. She was shocked by some of the facts we just mentioned and decided to change her own shopping habits. This led to her influencing others with the aim of greening the industry. 

With her expertise and background, the videos focus on sustainable and ethical fashion and beauty brands, conscious shopping and capsule wardrobe tips (Sign me up!). The information in each video inspires people to ask questions, learn, speak out, and make choices that reflect their personal values. Her channel has a lot of variety which can appease everyone’s tastes; from those who are total novices to the world of sustainable fashion to die-hard eco-warriors who want to further expand into cruelty-free, natural, eco-friendly beauty products and makeup


Our Changing Climate (OCC)

Our Changing Climate focuses on educating and raising awareness about climate change through unexpected stories and content. Charlie Kilman, the founder of OCC, questions less-mainstream environmental issues and explains them in easy-to-digest short videos. 

These videos are suitable for those of us who need some good dinner party chat after being locked in the house for so long by providing varying opinions and insights. They will arouse your curiosity so much that you’ll want to go and explore these topics further. We think understanding the topics discussed by OCC could improve all of our climate literacy, hopefully encouraging societal changes in our attitudes and behaviors. 

You can expect to see stories about consumerism (‘Is Tesla ACTUALLY sustainable?’), exposing online shopping’s ugly side, Politics and Society associated with environmental change and the cold hard truth about Food and Farming



For those of you who fancy having greener fingers, you don’t want to miss MIgardener! They make sustainable gardening tips accessible to everyone from novice to pro and even empower people to establish food security through home gardening. The team’s mission is to help us grow food efficiently, lead a healthier lifestyle and have fun rolling in the dirt!

Suppose you are worried about unintentionally murdering your virtuous veggies, I can assure that won’t be the case if you follow the MIgardener steps. My family and I certainly don’t have green fingers (not even pale green!). We haven’t been able to grow any veggies or flowers without them coming to their premature demise. But having followed the DIY Gardening Tutorial and Hacks, I could finally protect my precious plants from dying and I successfully harvested cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes last summer. 

Growing your own food organically is environmentally friendly and enriches your soil by utilizing safe and natural fertilizers and supplies. You can control what goes on in your plants and soil (and therefore, into your belly!). This also reduces the number of hazardous chemicals contaminating our ecosystem and waterways. Seeing as we’ve all recently become home-bodies, why not take up this fun hobby with your friends or family whilst having a positive environmental impact?

These are just a select few of our absolute faves – they scrape the surface of the dynamic world of eco-friendly YouTubers! We hope these videos will motivate you to finally dip your toe in the vast pool of future friendly online learning. The earth is something we all have in common – start from yourself and we can work together to save the world! 


Author: Kunthada Suwan

Editor: Yasmin Humble