Boom’s achievements reflect his leadership in social innovation, entrepreneurship, and public engagement. He graduated with a degree in management from the Warwick Business School and went on to lead projects such as IDEACUBES ‘Citywide Exhibition’ and MYWorld2015 for the United Nations, along with numerous fundraising campaigns, events, and activities. Boom was formerly a consultant for the UN Development Programme and UN Environment Programme (Asia and Pacific Region). Now, he’s kept busy as an Eisenhower Fellow, Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum (2016-2017 Curator of the Bangkok Hub), Thailand Institute of Justice Fellow and a globally featured One Young World Ambassador.

He is a co-founder of Food4Good and founder and CEO of Socialgiver; Thailand’s leading social enterprise that currently helps over 200 leading brands give back in a more effective and sustainable way. Named to Forbes ’30 under 30′ list, Boom is a driving force behind Thailand’s flourishing social enterprise sector.

Boom helped create Wildchain to contribute to conservation projects. Wildchain allows him to join his experience in social innovation with his passion for blockchain technology– in order to take on the most pressing issues of our time, climate change and loss of biodiversity.

This project helps restore populations of his favorite animal, the elusive Northwest African cheetah.

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