Tab YuangtrakulVisual Designer & Artist

Tab is a visual designer and artist living in the world. Over past eight years, he has worked with a trillion-dollar company, global companies, and small startups across the globe from far west to east — from United States, Europe, to Asia. Occasionally, he has crafted beautiful letters for luxury brands like Givency, Montblanc, Jo Malone, and more.

With his passion in tech industry along with better living, he is now pursuing digital declutter movement — the organization of human (digital) lives because he believes that every digital tools we own now were made to enhance our life quality, not weaken it.

When he has spare time, he loves listening to music seriously, even to make it, always including the traditional way of drawing and painting. Some of his past works were featured in exhibitions also can be found in books and magazines from United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, South Korea, China, and Thailand.

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