The Top 9 Inspiring Wildlife Influencers in 2020

Steve Winter

Steve Winter is coming from an exciting ‘out of this world’ background, risking his life while travelling the world. He was attacked by a rhino, stalked by jaguars, lived in a tent with -40°F (-40 °C) outside tracking a snow leopard,  all whilst his love for wildlife only kept growing stronger. Follow his conservation photojournalist’s journey on his website or social media channels. @stevewinterphoto

Brian Skerry

If you find the underwater and marine wildlife fascinating, Brian Skerry has a lot to satisfy your curiosity. Brian is a wildlife photojournalist working for National Geographic Magazine. He has spent over 10,000 hours submerged in water, including tropical reefs of the Indian Ocean and below the Arctic ice. On top of that, Brian does lectures on conservation topics and photography. @brianskerry

Joel Sartore

Joel Sartore has founded Natgeo Photo Ark over 25 years ago, aiming to present the beauty of biodiversity and wildlife, hoping this will offer inspiration to save species from inevitable extinction. Joel’s photographs portray critically endangered animals in a unique way, moving to look at, so they spread much needed awareness. #conservation @sartorephoto

Gordon Buchanan

Gordon Buchanan is a wildlife cameraman and presenter, who has filmed animals all around the globe. What is particularly fascinating is that during the filmmaking process he lives up close and intimate with the creatures in the wild. You know you’ve made it when The Times newspaper announces that you “really do have the best job on TV”, and that is exactly what happened to Gordon Buchanan. @gordonjbuchanan

Andy Rouse

Andy Rouse is known on social media as @Wildmanrouse, an incredible wildlife photographer and storyteller. Andy won more than 20 international awards and been on a number of TV shows. He has a powerful connection with the animals and keeps his work practises on the most ethical level possible. Just like we are, he is frustrated about the inability to stop the climate spiralling uncontrollably, and believe that we do not have much time to fix it. We need to act now! @wildmanrouse

Marlina Moreno

Marlina is a sustainable travel and lifestyle blogger who gets inspired by the wild. It’s clear that her content covering wildlife adventure, ecotourism and sustainable living, travel videos, vlogs and conservation films gather beautiful hearts who truly care about wildlife conservation and climate change. She does not only highlight the importance of wildlife conservation initiatives but the significance of supporting local communities along the way. @MarGoneWildOfficial

Steven Chikosi

Steven Chikosi shows his audience the captivating world of Zimbabwe through brilliant photographs. Living in Zimbabwe allows Steven to portray the sides of the place that are only naked to the full-time curious citizen. He explores the people, the roads, the cultural spots, the communities and the wildlife that is in the centre of it all. @stevenchikosi

WildLife Planet

WildLife Planet social media accounts present amazing wildlife photography of diverse professional and amateur photographers, what makes the page a collection of some of the most incredible and inspiring shots and wildlife stories out there. @wildlifeplanet

Christina Mittermeier

Christina Mittermeier is working hard on bringing up the awareness to endangered species and their inevitable death (unless we act now). She is not shy to show heart-breaking content, so that her audience is aware of the devastating realities. @christinamittermeier