The Top 8 Inspiring Wildlife Podcasts in 2020

A podcast is an audio that we can listen to on the Internet, which typically comes as series with weekly or monthly episodes. The web holds an overwhelming number of podcasts. Hence, it gets difficult to find specific ones. We have collected top wildlife podcasts that are worth your time!

Wildlife podcasts that Wildchain loves

Our Wild World with Eli Weiss

wildlife podcasts

This online radio podcast uncovers current challenges in wildlife conservation in Africa and the US. Besides, Our Wild World episodes offer solutions to a range of wildlife conservation projects to personally get involved and contribute.

Here the topics are diverse covering a range of themes. Our Wild World does not only issue episodes on current news and what actions you can take personally. Above all, the podcast unrolls what sustainability and conservation actually stand for, how poverty influences conservation, animal behaviour, human-wildlife connections, and lots more.

Eli Weiss is the host of Our Wild World. She regularly interviews renowned experts in the field. Eli is a well-known wildlife conservationist, philanthropist, and founder of WildiZe Foundation. Her enormous experience and impressive background in wildlife conservation makes dialogs with other professionals informative and valuable.  

Off Track with Ann Jones

wildlife podcasts

Ann Jones presents Off Track on ABC Radio National. You can stream these wildlife podcasts whenever. Off Track series combine the calming sounds of nature and inspiring stories of wildlife and its habitat. Coupled with, Ann recording all the wildlife podcasts outdoors, in the most natural way.

Ann does not only present and produce Off Track. She is also a presenter and a producer for Presenter Noisy by Nature on ABC Kids Listen. As well as, How Deadly program on YouTube.

You can listen to Off Track episodes on your mobile on a range of applications: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and ABC Listen app.

Projects for Wildlife Podcast by Alicia

projects for wildlife podcast

Projects for Wildlife Podcast shares stories, lessons and interviews from wildlife leaders who are protecting animals and their habitats, whilst searching for novel ways to benefit humanity. Every episode uncovers a range of views from business owners, non-profit organisations, scientists, photographers, and other wildlife experts. What connects all these people is their passion to put their unique skills and voice to lead projects for wildlife.

The Eyes on Conservation by Matt Podolsky

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Wild Lens produces video content. It takes years to produce a long good-quality film. Hence, Wild Lens team introduced The Eyes on Conservation podcast in order to be able to share more information in a timely manner. Here biologists, citizen scientists, and researchers get interviewed weekly to unfold wildlife conservation problems worldwide.

Matt Podolsky is a field biologist and a filmmaker. Every now and again he creates an entire episode to educate about a certain component of the filmmaking process.



Species is a great wildlife podcast to gather in-depth information on different animal species. As a rule, every episode explores a certain species by going into its behaviour, biology and more. Coupled with fun facts and anecdotes, it’s a great way to learn more about wildlife.

Species holds over 100 episodes, so you have plenty to choose from!



This wildlife podcast offers episodes on the strange and interesting things that animals do. Yet, Animalia is not just for fun. It is based on science. Supportively, this wildlife podcast is hosted and produced by two scientists – Farley Connelly and Annie Aulsebrook. Together with David Roker, an audio engineer who keep Animalia kind to the ear.

The Matthew Maran Podcast


Matthew Maran is an award-winning wildlife photographer. His podcast is a blend of visual arts and wildlife. The Matthew Maran Podcast offers interviews with creative individuals, such as photographers, conservationists, publishers, designers, and others. Each and every one of them has an original story to tell.

Matthew Maran’s episodes come in a relaxed, friendly, yet informative form. In short, it’s a great place to look behind the scenes and learn from the leaders in their field.

UK Wildlife Podcast

UK Wildlife

UK Wildlife Podcast is a new podcast. It started less than one year ago, yet is already going strong. Every episode is a dialogue about latest wildlife news and different wildlife topics uncovered in detail. For example, reintroduction of an animal, migratory animals, and so on.

UK Wildlife Podcast is delivered in a casual manner. More so, it feels like knowledgeable people gossiping about wildlife with friends in a cafe. Therefore, you will find it easy to listen to on the go or during a walk in the park, for instance.

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